Games by local players

More games will be added soon!

Note: These games are published in a variety of formats, pgn, text, scanned image, etc., depending on how they were sent and how much time I had availabe. Some of these games are "animated", i.e., they play automatically. To control the moves manually, just click on the "<" or the ">" buttons, or click on the move in the annotation pane.

Games from the 2nd Annual Port Townsend Open

Games from the Port Townsend versus Sequim / Port Angeles match

I'll get several of the games out here shortly. If you have a game you want published, e-mail me (Mike Murray)

  • A battle royal on first board, first round Murray-Gladwin

  • Gladwin gets his revenge in the second round Gladwin-Murray

  • On second board, the first round comes to an abrupt end when Ernst tanks his queen: Rasmussen-Miller

  • And revenge is also the order of the day as Arik Miller falls victim to Rasmussen's Elephan Gambit: Miller-Rasmussen

  • Jack Anderson comes up with a nice ending against Tom Blazey: Blazey-Anderson

Games from the 1st Annual Port Townsend Open

  • An English Opening from the 2nd round: Gladwin-Anderson, played in Sequim, 2009.

  • Another 2nd round game with a Closed Sicilian structure: Murray-Simpson, played, 2009, at the Jeffco Library in Port Hadlock.

  • Yet another Closed Sicilian (Reversed, i.e., English Opening) structure: Terry-Hill, from the third round.

  • An exciting game from the third round between Anderson and Murray, played at Sequim's Lutheran Church. In some time-pressure, Jack Anderson missed a beautiful win.

  • A second round win by our youngest competitor: Seran-Jons

  • And from one of our more senior luminaries, the "Silver Fox" shows what he can do with the White side of a Blackmar-Diemer Gambit: Rasmussen-Mellich

  • Sam Hill put the python squeeze on Steve Chase in a Reti Opening from Round 2: Hill-Chase

  • Tony Simpson breaks through Greta Olson's King-side in Round Three: Simpson-Olson

  • David Gladwin outlast's McGuire's Blackmar-Diemer Gambit: McGuire-Gladwin

  • Steve Chase wins a fighting game against Jack Anderson: Chase-Anderson

  • Sam Hill and Mike Murray fight a see-saw draw right down to bare kings : Hill-Murray

  • A very instructive slugfest between Ernst Rasmussen and Sam Hill : Rasmussen-Hill, including some fairly extensive analysis.

  • Murray lucks out as Chase drops a piece early on in Round 5: Murray-Chase

  • The key last-round game that decided First Place: Murray-Rasmussen

  • One of the last games to finish. Sloane had to win to get a share of 4th. Chase had to win to get a share of 5th. Made for fighting chess: Chase-Sloane

  • This 6th round game turned out to be decisive in giving Sam Hill undisputed 4th place: Simpson-Hill

Some relative oldies

  • Here's a game from a GM Walter Browne simul: Browne-McGuire

  • Here's one from a couple of Port Townsend geezers: Murray-McGuire, Bainbridge Island Slugfest Reserve, December, 2006.