All are welcome to challenge for their spot on the community ladder !

     SO…What’s this ladder all about ?

    The ladder is an open invitation to all chess players to experience tournament conditions and find their place on the chess ladder. 

Rules: USCF


Time Control: 2 hours/40 moves

2nd Control: 1 hour/GAME


All games must be recorded according to USCF standards


The CHESS LADDER is the current standing of all participating players.


Challengers may play at the location of their choice including but not limited to the club.  The time and recording rules remain unchanged. 

The Chess Ladder provides an excellent opportunity for players who want to learn chess notation and experience true tournament time controls. (Clocks are provided by the club.) It provides excellent training ground for current tournament players and an invaluable tool for those who would like to enter the world of tournament chess.  For the casual player, the ladder will prove to be an entertaining and challenging addition to the Port Townsend Chess scene. Everyone is welcome to challenge for their spot on the ladder, regardless of whether or not they are members of the club.  Challenges are open to the public and are made by arrangement of the two contestants.  For further info, call me at 301-4348 or catch me around the club. DM