The Last Exit will serve as Chess & Go central where records of personal matches may be maintained, (as for the Chess Ladder) and USCF (United States ChessFederation)members. Eventually ratings for members may be achieved or adjusted through the club.  The club encourages all serious players to also become members of the WCF(Washington Chess Federation)


 Membership in both the WCF & UCSF is required for entry into local, state and national tournaments.


     The Last Exit is a “keyed club” available to members at their convenience.  A key is obtained for 50 dollars per year and the member may then use the club at will.  This is a non-profit club and the dues will go to heat, lights and insurance.  Beyond that, any monies will go back into the club for improvements and equipment.  DM


Classes & Instruction

     I will be available until Mid-March to schedule classes in a variety of chess subjects.  Individual or small group sessions will be by arrangement of donations to the club.  DM

(Call 301-4348 for info)